CVMA® IL 24-6 Chapter History

The Rockford, Illinois Chapter of the CVMA® began its journey of becoming an official chapter as Detachment 24-2A in 2015, with Randy "Shadow" Robinson as its first Commander. As time passed, and membership and interest grew, Detachment 24-2A officially became Chapter 24-6, the Blackhawk Valley Warriors, on May 20th of 2019. The number 24 represents the State of Illinois, and 6 signifies it as the sixth chapter in the state. Whit “Big Chief” Mitchell was our first Chapter Commander. Eric "Dougie" Quail served as the second Chapter Commander and led the chapter through continual growth during the pandemic and furthered its recognition in the community.Today, Chapter 24-6 owes a debt of gratitude to Shadow, Big Chief, Dougie, Blackjack, Tiny Tank and our current commander Rainman for their hard work, and dedication, in establishing the foundation that allows the chapter to live up to its motto – Vets helping Vets. Without their tireless efforts, the work of the past leadership boards, and its full, support and auxiliary members, Chapter 24-6 would not be here today.The Blackhawk Valley Warriors are ready to support our CVMA® mission and support our veteran community in the Rockford and surrounding areas! 

Original  24-2A Detachment